3D Seismic data API

The 3D Seismic Data Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation for Mulikipalli, Magatapalli, Sirikattapalli, Medapadu & Chintalapalli Blocks and Koravaka, GSKV DSF fields has been completed and the interpretation reports are held inhouse and new drilling locations have been released. The raw data which has been acquired over 100 Sq Km of area and the processed data is safely warehoused at Samit spectrum.

S.No Name of the Field  Physical Size 3D Area Covered
1 Sirikattapalli 3.60 sq.kms 18.00 sq.km
2 Magatapalli  6.50 sq.km 26.30 sq.km
3 Mulkipalli 5.70 sq.km 23.5 sq.km
4 Medapadu  10.00  sq.km 25.60 sq.km
5 Chintalapalli   17.6 sq.km  44.08  sq.km