KRPEL E&P Operations:

5 Onshore Oil & Gas marginal Fields in KG Basin, India
5 Isolated gas fields in KG basin, Cauvery basin & Assam, India

2 Discovered small fields in KG onshore & KG shallow water offshore

7 Onshore Oil & Gas DSF and marginal Fields in KG Basin, India
Company operate’s 2 DSF (Discovered small fields) & 5 onshore Marginal Gas Fields ( total surface area of 34 + 42 Sq km), by the Govt of India & ONGC Ltd for a total field exploitation contract on Revenue sharing basis.

S.No Name of the Field Physical Size
1 Sirikattapalli 3.60 sq.kms
2 Magatapalli 6.50
3 Mulkipalli 5.70
4 Medapadu 10.00
5 Chintalapalli 17.6
6 Koravaka 9.9
7 GS-KV 1 24.2

The company carried out extensive well work over jobs in the above onshore fields and is producing 80,000 Scmd of gas currently. The company has commissioned it’s own gas processing facility and Gas collecting station with a capacity to process 4,00,000 Scmd of Gas. The current gas production is being transported to the GAIL pipeline and supplied to GAIL and Industrial customers. The Gas production will be increased to 200,000 Scmd and oil production to 150 BBLs per day by 2020 after executing the current 4 well development drilling programme.

5 Isolated gas fields in KG basin, Cauvery basin & Assam, India

Company carries out gas production in 5 Isolated Gas fields in the KG, Assam, Cauvery basins under the ONGC direct gas marketing. The gas production of approx 1,00,000 Scmd from these fields is being marketed to Industrial / CGD / CNG Stations in the hinter land of these basins. The company has laid and operates it’s own, PNGRB authorised gas pipelines connecting these fields to the GAIL network / directly to customers

S.No Name of the Field Gas production & marketing
1 S1VA 55,000 Scmd
2 North Penugonda 8,000 Scmd
3 Banaskandi, Silchar 42,000 Scmd
4  Kammapalem 22,000 Scmd
5 Andimadam, Cauvery 7200 Scmd